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Find out if switching to solar is the right solution for you.
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With many years of global experience in the energy industry, we can confidently say that solar is almost universally the best choice a consumer can make for the planet and their pocketbook. Solar power offers immediate savings, avoiding future rate hikes from utility companies while providing clean, renewable energy.

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There are so many myths surrounding solar power, consumers often can’t tell fact from fiction. Let us set the record straight about your energy options.

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When you moved into your house, did you get to pick your utility company? Probably not. Most homeowners don’t realize how empowering the chance to choose a provider can be. By making the switch to solar, you are taking control of your energy needs.

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It’s our goal to provide you with accurate, easy-to-understand information, so you’re fully equipped to make the right choice about powering your home. When you’re ready, our dedicated team will guide you every step of the way to make sure your transition is as easy as flipping a switch.


Let us put the power of solar in your hands.

Thanks to innovations in financing, manufacturing and technology, it’s now easier and more affordable to go solar!

Solar can eliminate or drastically reduce your energy costs. With a solar system your home or business will have a reduced or non existent power cost for over the next 25 years. Solar energy greatly reduces your carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for almost 35% of all carbon emissions in the U.S. but solar energy can change that.

On average a residential solar system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year. Homes with solar systems have been found to have higher property values than those without. Appraisers are more often factoring solar systems into the value they place on a home.

Lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line. Our commercial solar experts will provide a solar feasibility assessment, and advise you on how to finance your solar project while taking advantage of federal and local incentives. Utilize Solar’s team has more the 25 years combined experience designing and installing commercial systems. Whether you want to create revenue by selling power to your tenants or just lower your monthly expenses for your own company. Warehouses, Car Ports, Ground Mounts,Gas Stations, Office Buildings, you name it, we can do it all!

With energy prices on the rise many farms and ranches are looking for a cleaner less expensive energy source.